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E' un privilegio avere tra gli Amici di AHEAD, Fabrice Pastor. Un imprenditore e il suo sogno, la Monte-Carlo Internationals Sport e il padel.

Molteplici sono le attività della Monte-Carlo International Sports, tutte mirate ad accrescere la fama di uno sport in espansione esponenziale. Organizzazione di eventi, creazione di scuole e club di padel, tornei internazionali, sponsorizzazione di eventi e di nuovi talenti, tutto sempre con in primo piano quei valori che caratterizzano il padel: la solidarietà, la condivisione e il rispetto.

Dottor Pastor, la sua passione per il Padel quando e dove è nata?

My passion for padel started many years ago, I discovered the sport in Spain and since then I have continued playing. Now I play everyday and this year I am playing some stages of the World Padel Tour and I am very proud to be number 135 of the world at my age (laughs). I enjoy it very much.

Quali sono per Lei i valori più importanti del Padel e cosa consiglia ai giovani?

The nice thing about padel is that you can have a great time even if you are not an expert, if you don´t have a perfect Technique or performance. It is also a sport that can be played by every member of the family. In a professional level, padel is a sport that has to be played in a couple, so you have to promote all the values of a team, you need to share a strategy. For the Young players I would recommend to keep on playing if they like it even if it is not a massive sport. It is just starting to grow all over Europe and worldwide. There was also a padel court in the Australian Open!

Il Padel e il Tennis, eterni rivali o futuri grandi alleati?

I definetly think that padel and tennis are allied. Look at what happen in France, the Tennis Federation and the Padel Federation are together; a padel court was installed in Roland Garros this year and many tennis clubs are building padel courts because it complements their Business and the activity.

La Monte-Carlo International Sports nata da un apersonale passione, cosa rappresenta per Lei?

The padel has given me so many good experiences, that I would like to help promote this sport and make everyone discover this sport. Also, I would like to help to give a professional status to the padel and to help Young players that can´t afford playing on a professional level to arrive to that status. I am very satisfied when I see those Young players participating in the professional circuit and when the effort from the players is recognised.

Quali sono i suoi prossimi progetti per continuare a promuovere il Padel?

Monte-Carlo International Sports will continue organising the Fabrice Pastor Cup in Argentina, Chile and Brasil to help Young players from South America to come to the professional circuit World Padel Tour. This year we sponsored already 6 couples and we want to keep in this direction. Also, we have a Club in Beausoleil where we have a school, to teach padel in the region and to teach children who can be the professionals in the future. The school is managed by Gaby Reca, ex number 1 of the world and actually ranked 19 in WPT. The education is one of our main concerns; we have signe dan agreement with the Manolo Santana Sports Center in Madrid and created another Monte-Carlo International Sports Padel Academy, that will be supervised by Gaby Reca and his team. Finally, we are planning to inaugurate another school in Paraguay, but that is only a Project for the momento.

Il futuro del Padel, una strada difficile o una strada in discesa?

It won´t be easy to develop padel in the world at the same rythm like in Spain or Argentina, but it has started with strenght and this year a good number of clubs and courts have been built in France, but also in Sweden, Germany, Italy, Belgium, etc. It is growing slowly but surely.

Qual è per Lei il miglior giocatore di Padel, il giocatore che abbina in modo migliore tecnica e valori?

I admire several players for their technique and values, I can say that Fernando Belasteguin is very complete and intelligent, as you can see by his domination of the circuit as number 1 of the world for almost 15 years. I admire Juan Martin Díaz who has been the number 1 for many years and that we sponsored last year. And I love to see the strenght of younger players like Pablo Lima, Juan Lebrón or Franco Stupaczuk. Also the couple number one from Argentina, Federico Chingotto and Juan Tello, they are playing really well those months that they are spending in Europe playing some stages of World Padel Tour. Each player is different.

Lei sponsorizza giovani talenti, molto attento ai grandi valori, cosa direbbe ai giovani nei confronti dello sport e del Padel in particolare, per avvicinarli a quei valori che sono poi i valori fondamentali della vita?

As I explained before, we are working towards the goal of having more players that can enter the professional circuit and therefore increase the quality and competition of the circuit. We are very attentive to young players because we want them to have opportunities to become professionals, that is good to make the sport grow and to assure the future.

Mr Pastor e il Padel in una parola?


Grazie davvero, Fabrice, uomo di testa, cuore, valori e passione.


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